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Aerial Artistry Coaching

without judgement, jealousy and plain old experimentation 

Coaching that helps you finesse your work and sets you apart as a professional.

Is your routine or act missing something? Have you auditioned and presented your work without the results you were expecting?  

I bet you’ve already put your favorite skills where you want them but, it's just not right and you don't know what else to do. It just doesn’t look or feel the way you hoped and now you have a looming deadline you're stuck!


Let me help you find the missing link.  My three step artistry process will connect all the dots and fill in the blanks for you.  It will take you step by step, sometimes quite quickly, from wherever you are to exactly where you want to go.  


From creativity jump starts and accountability, to full act creation and the finishing touches - you can get started here.

I'm also available for private classes to focus on connecting with your audience, windmills, and other high level skills.  Or maybe you're looking for help smoothing out your transitions from one skill to the next, so you can conserve energy and avoid putting on and taking off the pesky footlocks over and over again.

Virtual Coaching

Performance Artistry and Personalization

This coaching (typically done via FaceTime or Zoom) is designed to add artistic elements or movements.  You already have a solid background in skills, now it’s time to make them clean, and unique to you and your act.

Schedule your class here.

In Person

Custom design your program

The sky is calling - what do you want to do?  We can bring our artistry coaching to you in person or we can work through a specific skill progression and strength conditioning in private or small group lessons.

Contact us to plan your coaching program.

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