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Aerial Performance without all the Circus




(unless that's what you're looking for!)

Elegant, creative, and experiential performances

You found us!  You weren't looking for a live band or a magician right?  Okay, good!


You are looking to add a different dimension to your entertainment roster and bring a high flying element to your special event, right?  You want the moon, the stars and the ease of working with professionals.  You want someone to work with your goals and vision, to put together a professional and artistic package that will capture your guests' attention and leave them with an unforgettable experience. 

You also want someone who will respond to your event specific emails and phone calls within 2 hours (unless it's overnight and we're asleep...give us some leeway). We know people change their minds and have questions all the time and you don't have all the answers.  

The Aerial Artistry Experience that we bring is fully customizable.  All you have to do is let us know some details of your event and venue and you'll get:

  • at least three package options covering 2-3 styles of performance and interaction

  • a simple, sure not to confuse or overwhelm you, questionnaire to ensure safe and effective rigging

  • Three design ideas to incorporate your event theme into a fully immersive and coordinating experience 

  • An extension of your team - we're here to work with you, making sure you and your guests are the center of attention

*While we do specialize in aerial entertainment, many of our artists have additional specialty and circus skills as contortionists, hand balancers, stilt walkers and dancers that can also be incorporated into your event.  

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