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Copywriting, Editing, & Proofreading

Hate writing? Not sure how to say what you want to say and make sure someone understands you? Or maybe you just have so much to say that it all comes out mumbo jumbo and you need some help connecting the dots. I will happily double check your grammar, spelling and punctuation way better than spell check. I will also explain why I made the changes I did, helping you learn and grow more confident to write more often, on your own.

Or maybe you just don't have the time or know exactly what to say.  we’ll partner through the process, making sure the words match your goals, brand, and ideal client.  Not sure what any of that is yet? It’s okay, we’ll start wherever you are and move forward together. If you’ve done all the brand work already, I take direction! I’ll work with what you’ve done so far and make sure you, and your business really fly. 

Pricing is easy, affordable and can be broken down by the hour, page or project, depending on your needs.  You're here because you recognize that the way something is written is crucial to your success.  


We're here to help you connect with your audience, instead of pushing them away or leaving them lost and confused. We'll make sure that the impact you have on your audience is exactly the one you want.

We have an innate eye for catching the small details and our dedication to the end goal allows us to not only quickly catch spelling and grammatical errors - we will also work with you to identify and clarify moments of disconnect or continuity issues within your reports, scripts, and creative writing projects.

Technical elements we'll take care of include:

  • Grammar and Spelling

  • Formatting - Proper headlines and organization

  • Structure - Paragraph layout, sentence length and clarity

Creative elements we can help you work through:

  • Story Flow

  • Phrasing Intent

  • Continuity

  • Applicability/Completion of Goal

  • Addressing the Correct Audience

Types of writing we work with most often:

  • Business Plans

  • Report & Research Proposals

  • White Papers

  • SOPs

  • Mission and Vision Statements

  • Website Copy

  • Program/Product Presentations

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Website Design 

We've included a couple examples below of previous work we've done for other organizations, and while we have primarily worked with event and production companies previously, we're certain that with a couple good conversations, we'll be able to help you with your industry too.  If you see something below that stands out, please let us know.  


We would love to hear your thoughts!

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Business Support and Experience
Event & Trade Show Services
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Group events, training & coaching
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