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Creative and Design Services

These responsibilities are about taking ideas and bringing them to life with intention. The patience and creativity needed to focus in on what is important and unique about individuals, groups and products can be very challenging for some and that's totally normal.  


We're all about making it fun and empowering.  

Creating an atmosphere where people want to interact and work together is an integral aspect of success whether you're working together to develop a show, produce an event or share ideas through written words.


The leading of creatives requires a particular amount of trust, patience and experience along with a balanced view of the big picture and the small details. We've taken a lot of time, in several different industries, to learn what is most important and build the skills necessary to take your baby, your project, and help you bring it to the audience you need and want for your success.

We're here to help your cast bring a script to life.  We're here to help organize your vendors and event schedules. We're here to help refine your project proposal so your client is super clear on what you have to offer.  Looking for help with your mission or vision statement?  Something to inspire your team to work together, towards the same goal?  We'll sit down with you, learn your goals and brand, and come up with just the right words. This is a lot of work - we know.  That's why we're here to work with you and help you.

Helping you, and your work, shine is what we do.  Learn more about how we can help you with your creative project.

Show Direction & Event Coordination

Staying cool, calm and collected is a common description we hear about Cheryl and her work with others as a leader.  It doesn't matter what chaos may be surrounding her, or what challenges she may be facing - she's able to listen, observe and ask questions in a way that leaves others inspired and clear on their responsibilities.  Creating clear communication lines and building trust with her team and cast, Cheryl is able to draw out the best and hold everyone accountable to the high standards that she expects of herself while also allowing them to learn and grow in their own way. 

Cheryl's leadership and communication skills have been learned and tested in a bunch of different environments including theme parks, retail stores, festivals, conventions, and production shows.

Let her interact with you, your teams, clients and cast, and you'll see very quickly, the light and easy way she brings people and goals together.

Learn more here!

Copywriting, Editing, & Proofreading

In addition to leading teams, we can help you promote your work when it comes to your storytelling and audience connection.


Copywriting refers to any written (or typed) word that is intended for sharing information. This information can be formatted into an incredible array of layouts: a report, a story, a website, a brochure, an ad...the options are pretty endless.  And the way you write this information has a tremendous impact on your audience.

We're here to help ensure that your message connects with your audience, instead of pushing them away or leaving them lost and confused.

Click here to see more about what types of writing we can help with and to learn how we can help you with a variety of Technical and Creative Elements.

Web Design and Re-design

If you've gotten this far, you've figured out that we love helping out with a plethora of creative elements that help you and your business shine. We're also here to help you with feedback on or the creation of your website. Whether you're working with SquareSpace, Wix, WordPress or other hosting service, we'll partner with you to make sure you show up how you want online. 


Click here to see some examples of our work and to learn more about our website creation and writing services. 

 Also, keep in mind that we designed and wrote everything here on our own site too! 

We're here to help bring your work to life.  

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