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Live Event & Product Photography


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Duo Trapeze Artists
Outdoor Street festival
Two dancers in performance
Performance Artist
Actress in show
Dance recital
Solo dancer on stage
Outdoor performance
Flying Ice Skater
Handbalancer over ice
Acrobat Still Moment
Stage entrance
Ice skater in show

Live Event & Show Photography

Let's capture the moments that matter the most to you. Freeze the performance, the interaction, the moment you knew you were in the right place.  

Live events are meant to be experienced, but we all want to capture the experience and take it home with us.  When you try to do it all yourself, you miss something.  You miss capturing a moment because you were too busy living it or you missed experiencing the moment in full because you were too focused on taking a picture.  


I got you.  I love watching it all unfold and reminding you of it later with beautiful, candid photos of each moment.  Whether your event is in a park or on a stage or even in a convention center, I'm ready to make sure you don't miss a thing.

Send me a note and we'll chat through a few small details.  I'll make sure you really don't forget anything (you'd be surprised what most people forget) and you'll get to experience your event worry free - at least when it comes to the photos.

Product, Decor, & Object Photography

You spend a lot of time, energy and heart into your projects.  They deserve to be shown off!  

Using high quality, HD and 4K quality photography, let us help you show off every single detail of your product, location or event.  We'll provide beautifully curated images that you can utilize on your website, social media channels, and printed products.  

We would love to photograph your:​

  • Food Offerings

  • Flower Arrangements

  • Table settings

  • Locations and Displays

Check out our post-production options here for composite work and help with printed project layouts.

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Sparkling Wine
Wheat Image
Bar Setup
Distillery Barrels
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