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Creatives Who Inspire Us

We all have people in our lives who we meet or come across online that do something or say something that inspires us to keep moving forward.  

We, at Focused on Flight, are always looking for ways to connect ad inspire people so we put this list together of our favorite creatives and their resources in hopes of building our creative community and helping others to do the same.  

Let us know who inspires you.  Maybe we can add them to our list too!  Also, if you connect with anyone below, let them know that you found them here and let us know how it goes. 

Rob A. Lott

Show director, Performer, Podcast host

How you can find him:

Podcasts: Leading Creative & Let's Talk Soon

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram: @RobALott

Shannon McKenna

Aerialist, Circus coach, Podcast host

How you can find her:


Podcast: The Artist Athlete

Facebook, Instagram: @the_artist_athlete

Cole NeSmith

Event Producer, Musician, Podcast host

How you can find him:


Podcast: Artrepreneur

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram: @colenesmith

Dana Rozier

Pilot, Singer, Scuba Diver, Advocate

How you can find her: 

Facebook: Dana.Rozier

Instagram: @danacmoney

Image by Kristopher Roller
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