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Never Give Up

Until recently, this phrase was simple and obvious in its meaning: never stop pursuing your goals, regardless of the challenges and obstacles you may face. It still means this, these words haven’t changed their definitions (as far as I know anyway).

What changed is how I saw them, and I mean this literally. I saw the words on a sticker with an arrow after the word, “up”. The arrow was pointing up, which caused a little pause in my usual thought process of determination that usually follows this phrase in my mind. This time, I thought “up” - as in the sky, as in height above the ground, as in infinite space above me. I don’t mean to get esoteric or “wooey” here. I went super literal and thought about not giving up the space above me.

Never give up your potential to grow, to climb higher.

Part of who I am is being an aerialist, where height is really important (not mine of course, but ceiling height and rigging height). Part of why this company was founded, was to elevate the way aerialists show up, no matter their level. So when a student asks, “Am I too high?”, my answer is generally, “There’s no such thing.” ***Yes, when you are a beginner aerialist, there can be a different answer, but they aren’t usually the ones asking the question. :)

Typically, as an aerialist, the more height you have, the better. You have more space for choreography, wiggle room for the most fun drops with less opportunity of getting too friendly with the ground. I believe this to be true for everyone. The question from an aerial student of, “Am I too high?” comes from fear. It is a request for support, it is recognition that something different is going to happen, and that makes us uncomfortable. This discomfort is what changes us. This is where our growth takes place.

So, even if you aren't an aerialist, don’t read, “Never give up” as just a demand of yourself to keep going and to not give in to defeat. Read it, and repeat it as, “Never give up your ability to take up space, to grow, to be challenged, and to lead.” You are allowed to be seen. You deserve to take up space in your field. Let us help you fly, literally and figuratively. Your goals are within reach, and we’re here to help you show up for them.

"Never Give Up"
Sticker image with words and arrow, motivation

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