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Show Direction & Event Coordination

Staying cool, calm and collected is a common description we hear about Cheryl and her work with others as a leader.  It doesn't matter what chaos may be surrounding her, or what challenges she may be facing - she's able to listen, observe and ask questions in a way that leaves others inspired and clear on their responsibilities.  Creating clear communication lines and building trust with her team and cast, Cheryl is able to draw out the best and hold everyone accountable to the high standards that she expects of herself while also allowing them to learn and grow in their own way. 

Cheryl's leadership and communication skills have been learned and tested in a bunch of different environments including theme parks, retail stores, festivals, conventions, and production shows.  Beneath the calm exterior you'll also find a strong, resilient and incredibly organized woman ready to take care of everything necessary.

Her dedication to positive, interactive and supportive leadership has led to two recent certifications: Hospitality Management and Post-Crisis Leadership from Florida Atlantic University and the USF MUMU College of Business respectively.  


Let her interact with you, your teams, clients and cast, and you'll see very quickly, the light and easy way she brings people and goals together.

Some previous companies who have utilized Cheryl's skills include the Walt Disney Company, Comcast/Universal, Odd-o-T's Entertainment, and Turn It Up Dance Challenge.

Schedule a call today to talk about your upcoming project. You can also reach out via email.

Image by Laura Olsen
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