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About Us

At Focused on Flight Creative, we're passionate about lifting you up.  We're here to help you spread your wings, and your story.  

We all keep hearing how important story telling is, but what story are we telling?  Is the story we're telling our clients the same one we're telling ourselves or our community?  

We certainly hope that you are, and we're here to help you find out, to clarify that story and to determine the best ways to lift your message and continue on to the next chapter.  

Our story began with two people, passionate about taking care of people and performing high quality, creative work. This included lighting design, audio engineering, dance and acting performances, and saying no to organizations and jobs that didn't treat people well.  We've expanded over the years, learning along the way, and added additional education and experience to our offerings.


 The experience we create with you is the core of what we do. We love inspiring people to get creative and think differently.  This could mean immersing guests in a world where inspiration and creativity lead them into their next endeavors. It could also be introducing them to a new performance experience or product development. We know how much connection means, now more than ever.

We value your time by showing up when expected, and we treat everyone like our favorite aunt. We're here to help you, to work with you and have some fun along the way.


We are passionate about creating your vision and telling your story.  Everything we do is customized to you and what you need most. 

Based out of Orlando, Florida, we are a team dedicated to quality over quantity and we aren't afraid to take a few chances.  We love to create, laugh, spend time on the water and enjoy a great glass of wine with friends.


Choosing to work with us means you can feel confident knowing you're working with a team that has already worked with Cirque du Soleil, The Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios, Inc, and many others just like you.  

We are excited to work with you - contact us below to add elegance and creativity to your next project!

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About Us

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Thank you so much for your interest in what we do.  


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