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Introducing: Focused on Flight Creative

As everyone around the world knows, we've been dealing with some major shifts in the way we work and the work that we do because of the covid-19 pandemic - especially when it comes to the arts. As live entertainment went away abruptly and shows little sign of coming back in the short term, we've taken this pause to reflect and evaluate the other skills we have, and the work we've been doing outside of aerial and live entertainment.

What does this mean? Is aerial going away?

In short, it means that we are pivoting, a common term these days, though it looks differently to everyone. If you spend a few minutes on our website, you'll notice new headings and business offerings: Photographic Services and Creative Services, in addition to our Aerial Services. While we are fortunate enough to have gained access to our aerial training space last week, we also recognize the need to expand our business offerings more officially. We will continue to teach live aerial classes in Orlando, virtual aerial and conditioning lessons, and provide live aerial performances when it is available, so no, we aren't going away. :)

We've never been just an aerial company though. Our background and experience within the hospitality and entertainment industries have utilized our many other skills including digital photo post production, lighting design, and copywriting, proofing and editing so we've added these as freelance skills that you and other small business owners can hire for.

In doing so, we recognized that Aerial Cheryl Entertainment, as a name, did not fully describe who we are anymore. Because of this, we are in the process of fully re-branding the company into, "Focused on Flight Creative". We chose this name because it stills stays true to our love of aerial, whimsy and flight, while allowing us to bring in other creative services like photography and event production. We will be merging all of our services over the next month and you'll see the look of our website evolve during this time. You are more than welcome to peruse the added services by visiting the site: Focused on Flight. We are super excited about the future and the new opportunities we have to connect with you. We hope you that you'll join us on this next chapter and we continue our adventures.

Have questions or suggestions? Would you like to hire us? Contact us via the form on our website or on social media on Facebook and Instagram

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